Who Are We?

The Lagos Garden Community (LGC) is an online platform dedicated to promoting the art of gardening and sparking a passion for growing beautiful things within the Lagos Metropolis. With a wide range of quality products and expert services, the Lagos Garden Community will create a marketplace for both sellers and buyers of garden essentials to engage and establish mutually satisfying relationships.

On one hand, our community consists of the brightest and best suppliers within the industry, and on other hand, we have consumers who place high value on beauty, freshness and vitality, and are dedicated to bringing these elements to everyday life.

Our commitment is to, therefore, create an enabling environment for this special community that will ensure their needs are properly identified, prioritised, and met, leading to absolute satisfaction for all.

To build a community of people who will work together to tend the earth, preserve the environment, and restore Lagos to its lush and green state.
To be the one-stop shop for all gardening essentials, with excellent, quality service delivery our stakeholders can trust.


In the Lagos Garden Community, we are committed to giving all our partners and customers value that they can trust. We are, therefore, guided by policies that ensure our tried and tested product and service offerings hold up to the highest quality standards. Also, in keeping with this standard, we prioritise environmental protection and preservation, and we are committed to offering products and services to only that are truly eco-friendly.